Financial Management

About Dr. Ganatra Kashyap

Dr. Ganatra Kashyap ia a dynamic Management Information & Financial Consultant with experience of over a decade in programs of diverse activities in Finance & Accounting Operations, Taxation, BFSI, Financial Reporting and Analysis with various educational and other institutions. His Expertise is in Financial Risk Management and Analysis, Management Information, Budget Forecasting, Transfer Pricing, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet Review and Analysis, Expenses Analysis, Variance Analysis, Margin Analysis, Financial Commentaries, etc. Dr Ganatra Kashyap is been Preparing, analyzing and communicating financial information reports so as to provide consultancy services to help the management in making strategic decisions and operational policies/procedures. His Domain expertise is creating and reporting various management reports in Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable, Accounts Reconciliation, Strategic Financial Planning and Finance Controlling.